About Leonne Retera

I am an Eindhoven based artist, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Breda, the Netherlands in 1986. During my studies I specialised in diverse printing techniques such as lithography, etching and drypoint.

Currently I focus on ink pen and pencil drawings on paper, often combined with watercolour, crayons and acrylics.

After my studies traveling was a great source of inspiration. I traveled for example East Asia and South America and drew what I saw. These years of traveling came to an end in the nineties when I got married, had two daughters and opened my own store in Eindhoven. I also gave painting lessons from within the warm environment of my house in the Dutch countryside. I mainly drew my direct surroundings: fragments of rooms and details of objects.

This environment changed when I divorced my husband and moved to a tiny apartment. Years of different jobs and other tiny apartments followed; a modern day struggle for many. I continued drawing rush like impressions of surroundings; these ever changing rooms filled with my personal objects.

By now I have found a space, peace of mind and the time to complete my collection of interior drawings. Every object I have collected carries a memory. I do not simply copy my surrounding; I frame a specific piece of physical memory. To me, this representation has a symbolic value which could be compared to those of the abstract and less controlled brushstroke drawings I am simultaneously working on, which represent a similar struggle for serenity in the hectic reality of a single female artist and mother in the 21st century.

Artistic replication of your personal space

You are very welcome to contact me to make a special, personal aquarel or drawing of your favorite spot in your own house, or somewhere else.



Leonne Retera